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A Better and Easier Family and Home Life

Having a smart home should make your life easier not more complicated. At Egg Head Homes we integrate smart home accessories around your current lifestyle, so you can continue to enjoy life on your terms.

Smart Homes Should Work For You

With so many products available, it is easy to get frustrated, make uniformed decisions, and be forced into changing your life’s routines to match what technology wants you to do.

Feature Selection

Choose the smart features that will make your current lifestyle easier.

Product Selection

Match the products to the features you want, that work with your current phone and home systems.

Secure Installation

Egg Head Homes installs your products over a secure network.

Smart home technology is here to serve you.

We always start with understanding your current lifestyle and daily routines. We want to know what would make your life easier. From there we match which features will do just that, and choose the home automation devices and products that will work within your existing home and life framework.

Simplify Daily Routines

Whether it be saving money on heating or cooling your home, managing all of your homes lights from the touch of your phone, or turning any outlet into a smart device…daily routines can be made simple, easy and even automated.

Home automation products around life’s daily routines include:

  • Thermostats
  • Home lighting
  • Smart Plugs, switches, and outlets
  • Windows, blinds and shades
  • Voice assistants
  • More


Do The Things That Protect Your Family 

Sure, porch pirates are a nuisaance. But what you really care about it making sure your loved ones are safe, and that your valuable possessions are secure, out of harms way. With today’s common technology, it is simple to have a safe and secure home, whether you are are there or not.

Smart home safety and security devices include:

  • Internal and external cameras
  • Motion detector and sensors
  • Garage doors
  • Windows and blinds
  • Door locks
  • Flood lights
  • Smoke and CO2 detection
  • More

Live Like the Rich and Famous

Smart home and home automation is not just about security and comfort. It can also be about living life on your own terms, and turning your home into your most sought after destination.

Whether you love to cook, entertain friend, indulge and pamper yourself, or escape into other realities…your future is here and waiting for you to arrive.

What will you start with?

  • Smart ovens, fridges and other appliances?
  • Decorative and dynamic lighting?
  • An entertainment room?
  • A spa-like master bathroom?

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